This is what I've been waiting for since last Saturday..



Now, as an actor one of your most important tools is your headshot. I went to Robert Mannis to finally do the deed (I'd been looking at different photographers for over a year. Yeah, I'm that kind of shopper) and I just got my proofs back. Oh boy is it strange to look at your face trying to emote at you. I mean, it's your face. Looking at you. It's weird. Getting them taken was definitely a learning process. For instance, I. Am. A. Mouth. Actor. Well, I always knew that, but it was my shoot that drove it home. Shall I define Mouth Actor?

Mouth Actor- adj/noun hybrid- a Mouth Actor is someone who, when acting, injects life, or expression, into his or her mouth. In other words, makes funny and/or weird mouth shapes and, by extension, faces. (i.e. Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy, Natalie Dormer in The Tudors).

Well I have to say, I LIKE being a mouth actor. I do. And I know I'm not alone (hi, Natalie Dormer). Mouth acting (with the occasional rogue eyebrow) can be a cornerstone in anyone's practice. Good or bad, I'm going to EARN those facial wrinkles when I'm 40 (30?).

Anyway, Robert did an amazing job. He was a great presence during the shoot. What's really amazing is that he goes with you to Reproductions when they do the retouching (retouching. yessssss), so you actually look like your photo when it's all done. Imagine that, huh?