The busiest people get the most done.

Saying that to myself makes me feel better when I open my calender and see a week like this week ahead of me. Though, it's actually not a scary, stressful week, just a pleasantly full week. I live for these weeks. And happily, there is no mock call this week for Group B (holla) and we have a material class on Tuesday (or the Kitchen Sink Class as I like to call it) rather than it's more refined and slightly more terrifying Panel counterpart. It's pretty chill as far as Practicum goes.

But it's this week that I get to perform HUG. We have two rehearsals Wednesday and Thursday night, and then we're performing Friday and Saturday. I couldn't be more excited! Where else but theater land will you get to help develop a piece that deconstructs the act of the hug, creating an empathetic and moving movement art piece that will involve the lives of complete strangers passing by you. It's gonna be awesome.

And in other news, tomorrow I start my new internship!! It's with the Aquila Theatre Company which is my faaaaaavorite theater company in all the land. They are seriously amazing. They present classics, from Ancient Greek Theater, to Shakespeare, to Oscar Wilde. They also do open readings of Greek plays with discussions and talk-backs relating ancient Greeks to modern life today. AND, they have this amazing educational program where they do Shakespeare with intercity kids. It's beautiful. I found out about them because I took a Greek Mythology class at NYU and my professor, Peter Meineck was the artistic director (he started the company in London. Did I mention they're all British?). So I saw their production of As You Like It and fell in love. I'm beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to intern for them this summer. Right now the whole company is in Greece workshopping Macbeth, so me and another intern are helping prepare for when they return to the States in September to perform it. The artistic director, Peter, is seriously incredible though. He's written many, many translations of Greek texts, academic papers, teaches at NYU, runs this theater company, and directs. It's actually funny how I got this internship because the class of his that I took was so large, he could never have known who I was (he had a bunch of TAs). But I would always see him at the library (where I worked at the time) and finally I worked up the courage to introduce myself and tell him I was obsessed with his theater company and wanted to be involved. So he gave me his personal email and told me to send him my resume. Dreams!

Now, alright Week. Here I gooooooooooooooooooooo.