It's been a miiiiillion years since my last post. I've developed a new resolution is to blog more, so here I am!

This morning I woke up at the 7am to teach yoga in YttP's Brooklyn studio. BK is seriously beauuuuutiful, bright, airy, lots of space, plants hanging from the ceiling, and the student are so chill. Urgh, soo into their yoga. It was very inspiring.

After yoga, I hopped on back home to grab lunch and take run in Central Park. It's been weeks since my last run and it was definitely tough to jump back into it. Inhaling a bowel of carrot sticks and hummus right before probably wasn't a good idea but of course when I made it home I felt shoooo good. Yummy, joggy.

There was an audition tonight for My Fair Lady at the Narrows Community Theater in Brooklyn. Now, My Fair Lady is a dream show of mine, so even though the gig would have no pay and it was all the way in BK, I wanted to audition and see what happened. HowEVER, I did not realize that the audition was the last stop on the R train. As in, it took me an hour to get there. The audition was happening in the St. Patrick's church "community room," but when I got there I literally could not find where I was supposed to be, walking all around the random Brooklyn church with my giant backpack and bag full of shoes, clothes and yoga mat. I finally forewent the audition because hour commute plus no pay plus already being in another show equaled not worth asking a random stranger where I was supposed to be. Instead, since it was Sunday, I went to mass! Again, haven't been in a few weeks and it did feel quite random to be in random, actually very beautiful church in Bayridge, Brooklyn.

After church, I went to St. Marks YttP and took a double candlelit, 7 and 8:30p, and helped clean the studio. Tonight was "deep cleaning" night so the studio got all of us staying to help pink berry frozen yogurt. However, since I'm being a Vegan for a week, I couldn't eat any. Proud of myself for the will power though. We stayed until 11 cleaning, and due to train delays, I didn't get home til 12. And of COURSE, I had to catch up on the new Downton Abby tonight. (BATES!!!)

So, so tired and have to get up super early for one of those non-eq open calls tomorrow. 6am it shall be. Have a good night!!