Today was a glorious 61 degrees. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. Though I got a little over excited and opted for my flats, ankle leggings and light jacket, which made me a bit chilly come nighttime, BUT it was worth it just to break out mine London Carey Mulligan flats.

Coming home today in such a good mood made me realize how much weather affects my mood. I think that's why spring is my absolute favorite season: it literally smells and feels like new beginnings, like possibilities. Yes, I'm aware it sounds hokey, but it's true! Spring makes it feel like anything is possible. I can't wait for the trees to come back alive.

Alright, done with the hokey.

This week has been quite slow for auditions, so it's been kind of chill. Luckily I'm scheduled to teach a LOT this week, so that plus work means I'm still keeping busy. Yesterday I took Traditional Hot yoga with my good friend, Emily. It was her first time going, so I wanted to tag along and support. When we walked in, to our surprise, Mr. Greg Gumucio aka founder of Yoga to the People, was teaching. He's in town this week, so I suppose he wanted to grab a few classes. The whole first row was taken up by teachers (they all knew he was teaching of course). It was quite amazing. The hot is a very interesting experience. It's sooo so hot (obviously, yes, but 105 degrees, maybe more (in fact, I'm sure it was more yesterday). You start with a breathing excercise and then you go to town. 26 poses, same sequences every time, but alllways different. I usually feel claustrophobic and even nauseous during class, and you do the while class standing in front of a mirror so the whole point is you LOOK at yourself (or rather look THROUGH yourself). A lot of times it's hard for me to look in the mirror. My ego gets in the way. I have to remind myself its not about looking at the body, its..finding the calm within....I'm still figuring it out. I'm quite new to the practice, so I don't know exactly my opinion. But I do like it. It's taken a while, but I'm at the point now where I look forward to class. The hot room is the place where you can sweat out all your stuff, laugh, cry (like really cry. Everything can just sort of erupt and you start sobbing, and that get's someone else to sob, and soon half the room is crying, same thing with laughter. The hot room is the place to let. it. out. and leave it out.)

After class, Em and I went to Panera for lunch- the first Panera in NYC. My greatest sadness moving to the city was that there was no Panera here, but NOW it has arrives and still sooo delicious.

Today I took a jazz class at Broadway Dance Center. I went with my friend, Molly. It was both of our's first time at the studio. The teacher was hilarious and had tons of energy. Her warm up was very intense and fast paced, so it was challenging to pick up. But her combo was very lyrical contemporary like, so picking it up was a bit easier. Dancing lyrical feels sooo delicous. One of my goals this year is take. more. dance. I want to rock the movers calls because I know I can, I just gotta get myself in gear. Two classes a week. That's the goal. 

After a wonderful Grey Dog lunch with Molly, I went off to update my audition journal. My goal this year is to systematically keep track  of all my auditions, working up to 100. I've got to get better and updating right after each one. The holes that I've found are documenting who is in the room. I have no one's name written down and that's a very important detail. Good thing to realize I suppose. 

One thing that I found myself writing is that I'm too chill in the room. I've got to show off my personality BUT I do not want to be fake in any way. How the heck do I stay true to my self, be energized, but not false??? Hmmmm...I made a list of people I need to get coffee with, people who inspire me, because I need to pick their brains....

So after a long night of taking and teaching yoga and then cleaning the studio and getting home at 12mid, I think its time for bed. Tomorrow bodes full of yoga, dance, and people. A happy Friday indeed.:)