I've been quite lax about updating the past couple weeks. Much has happened and I believe it's time for a check in:

I'm now officially in Cohoes, NY, performing the role of Betty in Sunset Boulevard. Rehearsals have been going well and the town is actually quite lovely I think. Some of architecture is very cool looking.

The theater we're performing is in the show boat style, with sort of a curvy balcony/orchestra set up, and it's so old, its not rigged for mics. So the whole show we'll be singing with just our voices over the orchestra. People have affectionately nicknamed the theater "Park and Bark" which seems very apt. The voices of the other principles are gooooorgeous and the score, which I didn't know at all before my audition(!), is so, so good. I feel so lucky to be here. And especially with the weather being so gorgeous, I literally feel like I'm on vacation.

Yesterday I got some of the cast together and I taught a yoga class. Two of the girls had been to YttP, so they knew what was going on, but it was one of the guy's first time ever doing yoga , so that was really helpful for me as a new teacher in being specific with my dialogue. Also, because the class was so little, I got to be very hands on, which I never am in my huge (i.e. up to 68 people) YttP classes. Everyone was really appreciative afterward, which was nice, and we agreed to meet again next week. One of the girls does silks, so she said she would teach me some stuff if I liked, which is going to be amaaazinggg. I've always wanted to try out silks.

Today was very Cohoes action packed: Gym in morning, then rehearsal, much needed grocery shopping with the cast, then saw The Hunger Games, which I was super stoked about. I read the books ages ago, so I kind of wish I had done a reread before seeing the movie, but as soon as it started it all came to me. I liked it a lot. The pacing was very slow, which I thought was good and added suspense. Jennifer Lawrence who played Katniss was wonderful. She had some very good eye acting going on, which I appreciated. And the gentlemen who played Gale and Peeta were both very handsome and lovely, so that was a plus.

Afterwards, we all went for sushi at the crazy place called Sushi X. We joked around about it being some sort of sushi strip club, but then it turned out that it very well could have been, as the the decor was quite night club-esque, lit by these multcolored, bright chandeliers. It was very pretty, but a bit harsh on the eyes. The sushi was delicious though.

Off to study the Boulevard!