Day off tomorrow, so once again a group of us trekked back to the city to catch a few auditions. Plan for tomorrow is Gateway open call, voice lesson, perhaps a little shopping:), as much yoga as I can throw in (haven't taken the hot is too too long), and then close with Episode 3 of Mad Men. basically an exact repeat of last Monday.

We're getting the orchestra in on Tuesday, which is exciting, but also a bit daunting as we won't be miked. I haven't been told to worry about it, so I'm not gonna for now. Just gonna breath deep and "ping" it out.:)

The set looks absolutely gorgeous. I feel humbled to get the chance to perform on it. And I'm in constant awe of the other actors onstage. Particularly our Norma, who is brilliant. We still have two weeks left of show, but I'm already getting depressed about the inevitable closing. Leaving a show is always bitter sweet. Just need to soak up these last few weeks and enjoy each moment.