We have returned! Went on a beautiful drive today to Cohoes, with Josh, Joshua, and Melissa. And of course, after 20 min in, we needed a rest stop for food  and coffee. We're actors and we need fuel, man. Got into town around 3:30, and after a spot of yoga, walked down the hill with Catherine for our brush-up rehearsal, then a nice loooong break, so I could warm up, zone in, and make my potion:



Yes that's pineapple juice in that blue water bottle. Plus honey, a fresh tea bag of pu'erh ginger tea, and my heavy duty thermos. Just add hot water, and magic happens.

Returning to the show tonight, everything seemed very fresh and new. I think this is the type of show that just grows with every performance. And especially after being away for a few days, I felt more of a playful atmosphere onstage. And this is a play, after all. Looking forward to our next show to see if any of our new choices stick or if anything else new finds itself!

Side note: every Wednesday, before midnight, we have to send in our availability to YttP to teach the following week, and yesterday was the first Wednesday in about a month that I was able to send mine in! Yay! Coming back to city Sunday night, so it shall be time to resume my yoga instructor mantle and mold some downward dogs again.