That little bugger interrupted my jaunt today through the streets of Cohoes. I always hope that a train will come by when I'm by the tracks, so I was quite excited when I saw it coming. The conductor gave me a little wave as he went by, and then I fell in love with him. But I think he was, like, 70, so that's awkward. So something that I MUST share: CAP21 alum Carrie Manolakos, who did Summer Stock NYC with me a couple years back, had a gig the other night at  Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village which I had to miss. THIS video of her cover of Creep just surfaced and I can't stop watching it. She is UNbelievable. Her voice is effortless and her talent is just unreal. It's such a moving rendition:


Two show day tomorrow and closing on Sunday! Here's to hoping my fake eyelashes last through then...