Hello! Yes, it's been a while..


The past couple weeks have been moving very fast with no time to pause, living and working til way late and getting up way too early (i.e. bed at 1, up at 5am. um, gross). I"ve been back at Davids Tea full force, teaching/taking/closing the studio as much as I can, and MOVING into a new apartment that's been riddled with issues. I've been pulled in many different directions these past couple weeks, and this morning when I completely I slept through my alarm, I realized that I need to really reevaluate my priorities. I spent the loveliest hour yesterday having tea with my friend, Molly, and her boyfriend, and it kind of hit me that that was the first time I've just "hung out" with a friend in...months. Months. It's hard to find those pockets of time, especially because my schedule literally changes every week. New goal: seize of those spare hours during the week and reconnect with the people important in my life.


Now off to do the Number 1 job: audition.