Writing this evening from my own. row. (score!) on the Greyhound Express to NYC. Left last night for Baltimore to do the Baltimore Theatre Community Audition today, which is basically a open call where you get to perform a song and a monologue in a room full of Baltimore based theaters. What was super cool about it, was that it was held at Center Stage, one of my DREAM theaters to work at. It was also a nice experience because, since I was home, my parents drove me into the city, waited with me before I went in, and then took me out to lunch after. I mean, WHAT a wonderful audition experience! I would be beyond thrilled if I can get work in my home town. I mean, first of all, Baltimore is turning into quite the booming town for theatre (a movement probably led by Kwame Kwei-Armah, British playwright/actor/director and new artistic director for Centerstage) and ALSO, any chance to spend time at home is more than alright by me. SO, on the way back to the city, where a Tea Shop filled Sunday morning awaits me. But I have some concrete goals to accomplish next week, before the folks come visit this weekend. Among which, hang things on walls. Devote an entire afternoon to tasting teas at work and making detailed flavor notes. Schedule a VOICE LESSON and a VOCAL COACHING (neededneededneeded). Take a DANCE CLASS (neeeeeeeeeded). See a Broadway show (NEEDEDDDDDNEDNEDDDD). Perhaps Ill find a spare morning to take a bike ride in Prospect Park which I have YET to explore. Attainable goals for Summer Living in Brooklyn, NYC, 2012 Edition!