With a couple hours to spare, I'm writing from DavidsTea, doing some administrative-life work while at the same time, tasting some of the straight teas that I still haven't made my way through. I don't generally gravitate towards green tea or oolongs, but I do appreciate the flavor and healthiness of them. After sampling the Yun Cui- a Chinese green tea, Korean Sejak- Korean green, and High Mountain Oolong, I topped it off with a Matcha Matsu, which is an incredibly delicious green, stone powdered down, so that you are actually consuming the whole tea leaf, so its super healthy for you, and is delicious iced, baked with, mixed with smoothies. My favorite is iced with Soy and Honey. Yum yum.


Took and taught the yoga today, and looking forward to an evening at home, organizing my room a bit, and getting to bed early. Tomorrow, I'm going to ATTEMPT a 6:30am hot class. I think its possible. The last time I tried I was almooost successful, got myself ready and had a minute to spare, so I sat down for a minute, and dropped my head to the side, and woke up 10 min later. So now I know, just don't sit down..

Parents are coming in this weekend which I'm stoked about. Gonna be a busy weekend. Hopefully the weather is nice and warm.

Happy Thursday!