So after saying goodbye to the parents yesterday, taking a glorious double, then watching the TONY AWARDS, I woke up to a very hectic Monday (note, if on the express train, it's probably a good idea to stay on it and not jump off to get a cab in the middle of rush hour and think that it will get you there faster. Lesson. Learned.). BUT, the GOOD thing is, I taught the 2 at St. Marks, and that class turned my day completely around. I needed to teach, and everyone in my class was phenomenal and worked so hard and made be SO proud. After class, me and few friends practiced some inversions. I have my headstand now, so nowwwww I got to get my handstand. My friend who is a super yoga guru master was teaching me, and I found some millisecond pockets of balance that makes me think it's totally attainable. Shall keep updated.

Now off to take the hot, EAT, and take the vinyasa. Then SLEEP. sleep sleep sleep.