Wow, talk about falling off the face of the earth. Where have I been?? The answer: sufficiently scattered. We'll start with where that above picture was taken. Took it in the stairwell at the 26th St. hot studio. Someone peppered little motivational signs on every landing as you make your up the stairs. Sometimes I'm just obsessed with the coolness of people.

So between my last post and now, I've enjoyed an absolutely wonderful batch of theater experiences: I went with a few friends to see As You Like It, part of the Public's Shakespeare in the Park Season. As You Like It is my second favorite Bard comedy (Alls Well has to be my first:))) and I was definitely non disappointed. Lily Rabe was Rosalind, and she was so. Good. Her voice is so unique and free and she was physically so grounded, real, and entirely herself. This is the third time I've seen a professional production of As You Like It, and in all three I haven't met a Celia I didn't like, which I find kind of amazing.  Renee Elise Goldsberry was super endearing and funny. You wouldn't really assume that Celia would be the kick ass part of the show (as least compared to the incredible kick-assery of Rosalind), but Shakespeare really wrote TWO rocking female characters and I think Celia lends herself more to a unique and fun interpretation.

Another pheNOMinal show that I got see was Peter and Starcatcher. Played the lottery with my friend Matt and we WON, so after celebrating with Blockheads margaritas, we saw Christian Borle, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Adam Chanler-Borat, and the rest of the cast just play and have fun for 2 hours. And I discovered a new dream role, which is MOLLY (the only girl in the show). Tons of physical comedy, with heart and honesty. I loved the total sense of vaudevillian, and the unity of the ensemble . One minute someone was pulling a rope or hoisting a fellow actor on their shoulders, and the next, they're delivering an epic monologue center stage, and then immediately they jump into pushing a staircase across stage. To me, the whole show was the epitome of why theater exists...

After all that seeing great shows nonsense, yogaing, teaing, I spent a beautiful weekend in Baltimore with family, catching up on doctors appointments, consuming tons of steamed crabs on the Eastern Shore, and shopping with the momma.

And now we've come to where I am NOW:

I was going to do some epic, ladeeda announcement weeks ago, when it was official, official, but it didn't feeeel official until I actually got here. I am currently back at Cohoes playing Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls!! I found out towards the end of Sunset Boulevard, but didn't want to say anything until closer to the date. But now I'm HERE and rehearsals are very much underway. It's a lot of material, and there's so much thereeeee underneath the words. I've been so enjoying working on this traditional, classic music theater show, and Sarah has always been a dream role. A couple of my friends, including my roommate Josh(!), are doing the show as well, which I so happy about, and I'm meeting tons of new friends here, everyone is bringing so much talent to the piece. I'm super stoked. Let me know if you're in town and want to come see it!

Until next time!