I've returned! Its certainly been a long while. Lets just breeze through the highlights of what I've been doing so we can get this place up to date.. ...... .

I am NOW working at the CAP21 Theatre Company and Conservatory, my Alma mater, helping to manage the front desk, deal with client bookings, and generally be around wonderful people, artists, and teachers. I couldn't be more thrilled with this change of job, and so far it's been wonderfulchallengingbusyandlovelyandilooooooooveit.

I took a looooooong break from teaching yoga. I like to think of it as a sabbatical, during which I plunged myself into auditioning, took acting classes, dance classes, voice classes, and of course,  lots of yoga classes (you cant keep me away). What came of my chosen sequestered immersion? Well, some awesome callback situations, got seen by lots of cds, directors, and theatres,  and had lots of exercise in auditioning, acting, singing, performing. Saw some great theatre. AND (and this is also what I had vowed to do) hung out with friends. Made lunch dates, caught up with people I hadn't talked to in weeks. There were many exciting moments that only getting the call back can give you, and many, many down moments, that only this biz (and life) can give you. And that's the biz (and life). and what I've learned is, this is my job. And its my number one. Its my career, and everything I do must contribute to that. Nooooo distractions..... Easier said than done. Especially because sleep is my number one distraction. And Downton Abbey. And Anthropology's online catalogue.

But whats a distraction and whats a contribution? Well, I'm reading Paul Russell's book called Acting: Make it your Business and in it, he interviews 6 working actors. The question he asks alll of them is, what advice would you give to young actors starting out. And every single one of them replied: become an interesting person. Read the newspaper, go to museums, see a movie, read a book, travel, become knowledgeable of the world, because that is what feeds your art.

Well I think that's a great sentiment to live by. Until next time (which will be very soon;)).