I am now typing from the cozy comfort of my Maryland Couch, sipping tea, while listening to my dad play one of his fighter war wii games on the telly. Of course, while today is the official Thanksgiving of America, the King family most usually doesn't celebrate our Thanksgiving on Thursday, because Momma King is a Nurse and usual works on the holiday, SO, we embrace Friday to celebrate our turkey and each other and we love it. Earlier today I did make it to my sister, Jamie's, house to visit and bake Carob Cupcakes. Then we ate Quinoa. And watched James Bond: Casino Royale. I'd say some very appropriate choices for Thanksgiving.



Yes, please, yumm.

And now I've tasked myself to start in on some applications for some Theatre opportunities next year. It's that planning time of year and I think 2013 is gonna bring a lot of possibilities.


Happy Thanksgiving!