Sifting through the Internets during downtime at work, I came across an excerpt from Garson Kanin's book, Tracy and Hepburn. She writes: "All careers in the arts resemble life on roller coasters. First, the painstakingly slow and steady climb: next, reaching a peak; now a sickening plummet from grace. Up again, up, up and down! Again and again. Observe, however, the interesting laws of physics in action as the downward thrust gives flowing motion to the climb up to the next leg of the journey. Without the downs, there would be little self-generated energy for the ups.

There are some who are so shook up by the ride that they stop riding; others hang on grimly, without enjoyment; a number drop out or jump off... but a rare few.. enjoy it all the way, the heady ups and the screaming downs. These are the born roller coaster riders."

Alright, Garson. Alright.