So after jumping back into the Romeo and Juliet tour (more on that later..) and Taming of the Shrew rehearsals this week, the interns find themselves with three days off in a row. What??!!! We're all actually a bit shell shocked by it, and of course we can't "go" anywhere because we have to be close to the theatre in case we get called into a Great Gatsby performance. Which iss why we have this extra time-- according to Actors Equity rules, Equity peeps have a certain number of  "hours" they can work, and with the Gatsby performances, there aren't many hours left for the week.... so, yay! Of course, this also feels a bit like the calm before the storm..of Rep season. But nothing will be as crazy as the October RandJ tour, with 3am-5am wake up times, unload/loading that giant balcony, performing this incredibly-intensly emotional show, teaching the students a workshop, driving back, and doing costume laundry for a couple hours at the theatre, with perhaps a Goodnight Moon rehearsal on top.....October accomplishment and whirlwind. BuT, now we are in February, and tour has begun....and will last three days. YAY! We went out yesterday, at a reasonable time (6:45am) (Monday we go out time- 2:20am. yup.). It was quite trippy to say the least, to all be in the van again, but load out/load in was suuuuper super smooth, we had tons of time. Though, we were missing our backstage drapes and a few screws to hold the balcony together (ha!). Luckily we were only 30min away from the theatre, so one of the shop guys drove up and dropped off what we needed. The actually show went well  (we all kept saying how nice and different the show is now that we all actually KNOW each other), and we got back just in time for Taming of the Shew rehearsal. After rehearsal, while some of us reveled in getting to sleep in today, I spent a quiet evening making dinz, watching Top Chef while drinking tea and snacking on dark chocolate (right now I'm working on a bar of Pascha Organic 70%. So beautiful.) and ending the night with a spot of yoga. Went to bed early and slept for 10 hours. I'm proud of myself :D.

opening ceremony for Olympics tonight! GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!

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