Currently spending my Friday night working at CAP21 Studios and it's the CHILLEST this evening. I'm thankful for the down time to sip my tea, cozy up with my humongous scarf, read the latest nymag, read this Serial subReddit, do this blog post, print tons of sheet music for a soon to be announced venture, eat some gyro meat in peace, you know, just like, live it up. Since my last post where I discussed the urge to turn back into an Audition Ninja, I've made the vow to practice my singing thing #everydamnday for at least an hour. Like scheduled studio time every day, non-negotiable. Let me tell you, it has done wonders and it's only been a weekish. Not that I've never practiced before- I've always practiced, but I just spent about a year doing a shton of Shakespeare and other straight acting ventures (...and also puppetry...rollerskating) and, remember, not auditioning (because I was on a contract. The most WONDERFUL thing an actor gets to say). So though I did vocalize often while at ASF, I was away from my teacher AND not singing CONSTANTLY, like I used to, #everydamnday. Singing is like annnnnny other muscle. If you don't work it, you lose it. And now I'm working it, and crushing it, if I do say. In FACT, (mini-epiphany), I have, dare I say, rediscovered my joy for singing during my #hours. That simple joy of just singing songs you love. Singing along to your favorite Broadway Cast Album of the moment (Bridges of Madison County, in case you were curious). My hours have sort of transported me back to my childhood where I use to spent all my time after dinner, holed up in my room, belting my guts out with Jewel, and Lea Salonga, and Idina Menzel, and Kristin Chenoweth, and Sarah Brightmon, and Audra McDonald, and dancing to Rent and acting through the entirety of Les Mis... I read Julie Andrews' memoir a while back, and it really struck me when she described that, growing up and taking voice classes, #everydamnnight, she sat at the piano and practiced her vocal scales. #everydamnday. I also read that Lady Gaga vocalized 15 minutes, errr day. EVERY. DAY. Leading to Ten Thousand Hours. Thank you, Malcolm Gladwell.

Okay, LET'S FACE IT PEOPLE. Currently, we're all just counting down the days until Thanksgiving where we have the glorious excuse to chomp down on some Turkey, and sweet and tangy Cranberry sauce, and cookies, and just laksdjflksjdlfasdf goodness. I've been on a strict Whole30 leading up to the big day, which basically means for 30 days, I've kept a very strict paleo diet, having absolutely no alcohol, or chocolate, or gum or cheese, which were always my little indulgences. I've been calling it my Wine Sabbatical, and it's actually been amazing. SO, next week while I'm home, I am fully prepared to, mindfully, return from my sabbatical, and drink all the wine to my face with my family.

Wanna see what I'm making for Thanksgiving??


^^Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies, from Against all Grain

((Side note: the above are all my most favoritest, trusted, paleo food bloggers. These ladies are amazing))

I will also be making my own version of:

Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Shaved Parmesan


Roasted Thyme Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Momma King is covering the Turkey, the Stuffing, and Mashed Potatoes.

All the food. In my face.

Okay, must get back to my tea and obsessing over Serial..

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