Starting off 2015 has included a cavalcade of Equity Auditions, a shton of coffee, a lot of slinging weights, a lot a lot a LOT of eating bananas and almond butter and chocolate and WINE, a good dose of sprinting for sprints sake (have YOU ever ran as fast as you can go for 30 seconds, walked it off, and then sprinted again until your pooped? It is thrilling and I highly recommend it.), singing and learning music, and reading and netflix. Oh yeah, and working the day job, which is where I am right at this moment. CAP21's front desk, directing people to the bathroom and the like. January has just been a non-stop show. February looks like the same deal. But,I believe to my bones that the "busiest people get the most done," and 2015 is about gettin er done. SO, with the above (and the upcoming), packing the meals is PARAMOUNT. I can't not leave the house without packing SOMETHING. For instance, I spend a couple hours a week prepping a bunch a protein- this past week it was two pounds of chilli and a bunch of hard boiled eggs, and canned tuna. On the carb front, I roasted four sweet potatoes, made a pot of cauliflower rice, cauliflower mash, and munched on raw plants such as the aforementioned bananas, a couple apples, sugar snap peas, and carrots. FATS this past week have included a few baby avocados, a lot a lot a LOT of almond butter, bacon, and ghee and more ghee.

This weeks plan includes fried chicken, broiled salmon, HB eggs, baked kabocha squash, probs broccoli and roasted brussels, and, you guessed it, a ton of banana and almond butter. And wine. Just living this 90/10 paleo life.

After work today, I'm leaving on a greyhound to Baltimore. Have an audition in D.C. tomorrow. Then a rehearsal for my Cabaret in MD Tuesday morning, and THEN traveling back to NYC Tuesday. Phew! Also, um, I heard about this EPIC SNOWSTORM OF THE CENTURY HAPPENING??!

Oh, dear. Wish me luck on my travels!!!!!