As I sit at work contemplating lunch, I reminisce about my lovely, paleo, 7am breakfast this morning, where I greeted Daylight Savings Time with a pastured three egg omelet (with all the yolks), stuffed with Kale, prosciutto, avocado, and Herb de Provence (-->one of my fave seasoning blends). I also enjoyed two cups of french pressed coffee with a couple scoops of full fat coconut milk. So that's quite a bit of fat: 3 egg yolks, coconut milk, avocado.

Fat doesn’t make you fat, yo. ((pssst, the real culprit is SUGAR).

I’m all ABOUT eating high quality fats throughout the day, using FATS as energy, as opposed to eating unnecessary grains/refined sugar as fuel. I cook with fats to unlock real-food’s most beautiful, delicious flavor.

 coco milk

coco milk

Oh, let me tell you what else fat does:

-Promote brain clarity through the day (aka: no more brain fog)

-Help prevent alzheimer's/mind degenerative diseases

-Promote joint health (knees hurt? hips hurt? Eat an avocado every day. Do that for a month. Report back.)

-Makes food taste awesome and makes you feel SATISFIED after a meal, aka you feel FULL and don’t overeat

-Eating fat turns you into a FAT BURNER (as opposed to a “sugar burner”)

Okay, so what ARE the types of fat I believe in eating?


-Full-Fat coconut milk from a can (check the ingredients to make sure it’s clean. My preferred is the Whole Foods brand, which is actually quite affordable.)

-Raw Nuts/Seeds

- Nut/Seed Butter (no additives. Some companies sneak sugar in these guys (seriously, WHY?!) (my favorite is actually the Trader Joe's creamy unsalted.

-Bacon (real bacon. NOT Turkey (fake) bacon. Some brands I trust: 365, Applegate)

-Egg yolks (probably the most nutrient dense foods you can eat)

-Ghee (my PREFERRED cooking fat. Roasted dem brussels sprouts all up in dat sh**T)

-Coconut oil (great frying/roasting oil)

-Chicken skin (fried in ghee or coconut oil, and seasoned with celtic sea salt. um, asdlfjasllaskdjflasjd!)

-Duck Fat (Roast a duck. Seriously, you have not LIVED until you’ve had a roasted duck. Save the excess fat (IF it hasn’t already been eaten, because it’s okay if it has), and then roast potatoes in the fat. You won’t know what to DO with all that deliciousness).

-Grassfed butter (I don’t really cook with butter, but I’ll put a pat or two of butter on top of steamed broccoli or baked sweet potato or roasted squash. Then sprinkle sea salt on top). Kerrygold is the absolute best.

-Olives (whole olives or olive oil to drizzle on salads)

Just on a personal note: I’ve been eating this way for over a year. And I’ve LOST weight. And have more energy and strength. As a constant NYC road warrior, living a large chunk of my day with a backpack and other bulky accouterment on my person, fats are especially ESSENTIAL to sustaining energy throughout the day, keeping the joints lubricated as I hop up and down stairs, and keeping mental clarity up as I bounce from an audition, to exercise, to work, to rehearsal--- all where I have to be my BEST.

And it's is too short for bland.