This cold that I have been enjoying has knocked me out for the week. The only real world tasks I've able to to do is work at cap21 a couple days and hoarsely tell people to stay 4 feet away from my desk. Auditions have not happened. I've opted to sleep, recover and plus, I have no singing voice at the moment, which is, like, a big part of the audition, sooooooooo.

Over the past couple days, I am mutated into more of a real human being, and so I attempted some exercise.

Wednesday I did 3 full rounds of Met Resistance Circuit with lots of rest btw rounds and a nice, easy restorative, stretchy yoga sesh. I didn't sweat at all but I felt very successful.

Thursday....I did 3 sets of pistols while listening to Fresh Air. Then I set my timer for 20 minutes and commenced a Metabolic Resistance Circuit. I was expecting to kill 4 rounds before my timer went off. I ended up getting 1 round, cause the rest of the time, I was chilling in child's pose. I sent my timer another 10 minutes and went through 1 more, modified round of my MRC and then ate an egg and a sweet potato.

And TODAY- well, first it took me a while to get my bum moving (and it's snowing outside!). My intention was to sign up for Roundabout's Cherry Orchard EPA..but when I got there, the gentleman in front of me got the last appointment. He was really apologetic about it.

I grabbed an alternate slot and traipsed to Trader Joes because I finally have an appetite for food other than bananas, sweet potatoes, pretzels, and eggs (my version of BRAT diet??). After shelving my load of rainbow-ed sustenance at home, my spirit told me it was time to exercise, by which point I promptly laid on the floor with my legs up the wall, eyes closed and meditated / decided what to make for lunch.

The POINT IS.....and I am talking to myself and the other millions of people who have a cold, don't beat yourself up for having to take things slow. The more you make yourself jump right back into the game, the longer the recovery will take.

I probably shouldn't have even tried exercise......BUT at lease I didn't beat myself up for not breaking a sweat and taking plenty of rest. I just needed to move, but I'm not killing myself. I give myself permission and YOU to take it easy.

I just had my delicious post legs up a wall lunch, and will probably head back to Pearl to play the alternate list for Cherry Orchard. I think my current pallor is very apropos for Chekhov.


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