Another Friday is upon us! This week was filled with a couple EPAs, a Mediterranean brunch date at the delicious OLEA, CAP21ing, and Tempest reading to prep for a big project next week. This weekend, bf and I have plans to visit Storm King, which is an outdoor sculpture garden an hour north of NYC that just reopened this week. We are planning on bringing a little picnic and just soak up the scenery. What are your weekend plans?

This election year is beyond fascinating. I'm addicted to the NPR Politics Podcast. They release a few episodes a week and the panel is made up of all the NPR political writers. They basically discuss all the political news and are super balanced and hilarious.

My Spotify has been a constant stream of Florence and the Machine to prep for her concert in June and the Waitress Soundtrack as sung by the composer, Sara Bareilles. Bad. Ass. Women.

I'm completely cutting out nuts for April to see if that will help is fixing some hormonal imbalances I've been dealing with, for quite a few years now. So rather than almond butter as my go-to flavor booster, I've been obsessed with MAYO. I looooove dipping my cold cuts, baked chicken, hb eggs and  roasted veggies in that stuff. These two brands (here and here) are my faves. Sometimes I make own own using this video! Super clean and good for you.

Thank you to my good friend, Lea, for turning me on to Michael Ian Black's podcast- How to Be Amazing. My favorites so far have been Tom Colicchio and Tavi Gevison. 

OMG YESSSs MELISSA MCCARTHY! Now the Gilmore Girls revival with be complete.




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