My friends, my friends!!!!!!!

It's summer and it's crazy steamy outside. Thank the goodness for window ACs. I can hibernate in my own personal ice box while re-watching season 1 of Game of Thrones because now I'm in Jon Snow and Arya withdrawal. This past season was GOLD (the lady characters were particularly kickass, amiright?).

This summer has been going by in a blur (is there any other way of "going by"??). Summer is THE time for revamping and re-energizing your acting biz. Whether that's lessons, material-getting, inspirational theatre seeing.... I'm spending the remainder bulking up on classes and practicing and working my side-hustles. Definitely gearing up for Fall audition blitz.

What are your end of summer hoorah plans?

In case you are interested, read on for just a few of my Summer 2016 highlights: the bullet version! Warning: filtered pics and life snapshots ensue....

^^EPIC trip to California with boyfriend. We did a whole west coast tour from Napa to San Francisco to Yosemite to LA to San Diego to Disneyland! It was my first time dipping toes in the Pacific and it. was. Glorious.  

Also spent an extended weekend in Louisville, KY, attending my cousin's wedding and hanging with extended fam who I haven't seen in YEARS...


^^Mornings were spent with my french press, listening to my Grandma tell stories <3.

My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with tickets to once of my favorite artists, Florence and the Machine! She destroyed. 

^^^ahhhhhhhh the magic.

Cheered on bf, and our friend Tom, as they ran the Poughkeepsie half-marathon. That mf is 13.1 miles, oooooh boi. Also, Poughkeepsie is lovely! And Vassar is BEAUTIFUL. 

^^Maybe I'll do that one day? ....Maybe????!!!!! 

Walked the BK bridge for one of the best pizza pies you can get at Juliana's Pizza. For real. The best.

Saw my friend, Joe Discher's directorial off-Bway debut: Butler. It was amazing and the performances were brilliant. Closing soon, so get tickets HERE!

A quick trip to Maryland visiting family and driving to the Eastern Shore to devour our annual batch of Maryland crabs:

^^not pictured: fries, shrimp, chicken tenders, salads, beer, mud slides, piles of old bay seasoning, and, of course, mallets.

Was able to let loose my Harry Potter fangirl status when Cursed Child came out. We went to a midnight release party at the Strand. I brought one of my wands (I have two:D).

So, what were YOUR summer highlights?

Until next time, keep on doing what you love.