There will always be auditions. After a bad audition, or an audition you killed but didn't book, your feet will always find the floor. There will always be ways to be creative. There will always be opportunities. 

It is human nature to live in scarcity. That you have to achieve it all while it lasts. But if we live in abundance of opportunities, abundance of art, abundance of connection, and abundance of yes, we can be at peace with imperfection. We can be at peace with the days when we aren't quite killin' it. When we are sick, and have to miss an audition. When we worked late 5 days in a row to make rent, and then need to sleep a little longer the next morning instead of being first in line We can still have compassion with ourselves. We are human, and when we are able to let go of scarcity, perfection, and "missing" some things, we can be at peace. There is always more.