Don't the Rio Olympics seem a million years ago now? Where did the Summer go?!? Of course, now we get crisp air and pumpkin baked goods (pretty sure I left some canned pumpkin at Trader Joes for everyone else:p).

 The point is, we are living in a post-Rio/Simone Biles era and the summer games had much to teach regarding competition. 

There is an Olympic audit penned by Ann Freidman, writer for NYMag's The Cut, which centers around the idea that this year's female athletes were total champions of Shine Theory. She specifically cites how the gymnastics team avidly supported each other and how they continually used the language "competing with," not "against." Freidman also brings up sprinters Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin, when helped each other across the finish line after D'Agostino accidentally tripped the Hamblin.

Basically, Shine Theory is the idea that when a woman hangs with another woman who is more successful and or intimidating to her, her light will not diminish but actually shine brighter.

Though Shine Theory was an idea developed in direct response to female competition, I believe the principle applies across humanity, and in this entertainment industry.

Competition is inevitable. It’s hard not to compare ourselves to others and feel distinctly less than. But we can flip this script and take the principles of Shine Theory into the room. Knowing that the brightness of everyone around us makes us shine brighter certainly makes standing on line a whole lot easier. Can we think about reflecting the greatness of others, while we wait for our number, while we change in the dressing room, swap shoes on line because someone forgot theirs, offer a bobby pin, make space in the mirror for hair curling.. The more giving we are, the bigger we are, the shinier.

And when we are in the room, we can reflect the light of those behind the table. Instead of approaching the room like a presentation of talent, it’s a collaboration. A give and take of energy, just like you would with an audience. It’s a “getting to know you” moment in time. Here I am and here are you. Let’s shine.

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