Mind.Set.Yoga is an 90 minute practice combining Yoga and Mindset/Career coaching.

Here's how each session will break down:

-Reflect Yo’Self>> The day before our MSY, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to kick-start your reflection and to give me some extra info about your needs for our sesh.

Getting Grounded>> Your yoga sequence + hands on adjustments specific to your body’s needs. My job is to make the yoga poses extra awesome, free up your breath, get you out of your head, and into your body.

Daydream it Out>> Now that the mind and body are connected and breath is full and vibrant, through mediation we can get at your current blocks and illuminate the future vision that full on lights you up.

Talk-Time>>  Talking through the thing, helps us understand the thing. Our convo will help you unpack your career and mindset obstacles, enlighten some next-step action in your career, and motivate you in getting after some serious goal tail.

Seal the Deal>>> longggg Savasana (that one where you just lay on the floor and zen out) plus massage to energize and lock in your intention!

-Notes and Such >> Post-MSY, I will email you notes and resources that’ll help you on your quest to crush it.

Now for biz-ness:

Single Session- $75

One 90 min, one-on-one MSY, focusing on what you need, at that time, whether that's releasing negative self-talk, harnessing some positivity power, talking through obstacles, specifying goals, or relighting your passion. MSY will give you the space to cut through the mind chatter, manifest laser focus, and leave empowered.

The Mission Package- $250

FOUR 90 min MSY sessions, each focusing on a specific theme:  Self-Care, Purpose, Goals, Habits. The progression of our work together will serve to help you foster a kickass and sustainable self-care practice (kind self talk, living with gratitude, and how to spin negativity into a positive outlook like a NINJA). We will work to uncover you mission in this world and motivate your path to fulfilling it.

The Mission +  Package- $400

SIX 90 min sessions, designed to expand on the Mission. Over the course of our work together, we will cover Self-Care, Purpose, Goals, Habits, Motivation, and Sustainability. The Mission+ will help you will feel grounded, radiant, and motivated to take action. We’ll unlock your purpose, manifest goals, and cultivate daily practices to get after it. You have something great to unleash on the world, my friend.

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